Music supplies and products for young musicians

Finding suitable musical supplies for the smaller player is not easy. On this page you will see some items that Kay is happy to recommend.

Rositini™ Rosin

Having a good rosin is essential. It is rubbed on the bow hair so it can grip the strings and make them 'speak', or vibrate clearly.

Rositini rosin is made by hand by the Melos Rosin company to exacting requirements. This is a rosin made from the finest natural ingredients, and has been specifically formulated to work with smaller strings. Different instruments need different rosins.

The Rositini rosin would make a lovely and inexpensive birthday or Christmas present for any young string player with a small instrument!

Here are some of the good things about this rosin:

  • designed especially for fractional sized instruments which have smaller strings
  • small in size to be comfortable for smaller hands
  • balanced warm sound across the instrument
  • made with natural pine resin from Greece
  • doesn't contain chemicals or fillers
  • low dust
  • made in small batches so that the rosin is always fresh
Prices for Rositini Rosins
Description Cost UK customer European customer World customer
Violin rosin £9.00 + p&p
Viola rosin £9.00 + p&p
Cello rosin £9.00 + p&p
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Postage rates for the Rositini rosins are as follows:

  • United Kingdom: £2.00 + 0.15p/extra rosin
  • Europe: £4.50 + 0.15p/extra rosin
  • Rest Of World: £5.50 + 0.30p/extra rosin

Each Rositini rosin is supplied wrapped in a beige cloth inside a nice white cloth pouch[shown] and wrapped in an cellophane bag. Your rosins will then placed inside a cardboard cover, before being posted in a padded envelope for added protection!

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