Prince William String Academy: Manassas

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Specializing in the teaching of violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Offering private and group lessons, as well as chamber music coaching by professional musicians and teachers from the DC metro area.  Our academy is located in charming Old Town, Manassas,VA.

Starting to learn an instrument is the most important time to create lasting results for the future. The following will be stressed with the beginning and adult musicians:
- Proper left hand/right hand technique
- Note/Rhythm reading
- Vibrato skills
- Scales, etudes, and solo pieces
- Audition/ practice techniques

Prince William String Academy details

Contact: Katherine Colburn
9251 Lee Avenue
Old Town
VA 20110

Phone: 571-358-9757

Internet: website for Prince William String Academy

Current partners: Surrey Arts, Amberley First School, St James C of E Primary, Cornwall Music Service Trust, Natomas Music Square, Radnor House, The Oxfordshire County Music Service, Copthorne Preparatory School, Prince William String Academy, East Ayrshire Instrumental Service,

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