Teachers in Sussex

This is the steadily growing directory of accredited Stringbabies [Cellobabies, Violababies or Violinbabies] teachers in the UK and USA.  Most are also happy to work with older children and adults at higher levels.

We list the name of each teacher and the town/county that the they work in - each name is linked to a full page with that teacher’s biography, picture etc. 

We also show their primary instrument[s], but do feel free to ask them if they teach one of the others - many are multi-talented!

Kay Tucker - Cello [Horsham, Sussex]

Melanie Wells - Cello [Horsham, West Sussex]

Sheraine Lynsdale-Nock - Viola & Violin [Horsham, West Sussex]

Judith Rae - Cello [Haywards Heath, West Sussex]

Ann Beresford - Cello [Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex]



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