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You may want to help your Stringbabies child at home, or you may to want use the Stringbabies method professionally - and that's great! Kay wants to encourage this, so...

The Stringbabies [Cello, Viola & Volin] Books

Kay has written two essential books [Now in 2nd edition] for each instrument:

  • Pupil's workbook - £12.00 [inc new CD]
  • Teacher & Parent's book - £15.00

Initially you will need to buy ONE set of both books, as the Teacher & Parent's book is essential to understand the method!

If you are a teacher, or parent of more than one child, you can choose to order multiple copies of the Pupil's workbook to each Teacher & Parent's book. You can also purchase copies of the pupil's workbooks alone - ideal for teachers with many students! Of course, only buy the books for the instrument[s] that you are interested in!

[New in 2016] Piano accompaniment book - all the tunes!

2nd Edition notes

This edition, released in 2013, has:

  • new covers
  • CD of accompaniments to songs
  • revised text
    • Webshop for all Kay's products now at Musicbabies

      As of December 2016, Kay has a lovely new webshop for ALL her products over at her Musicbabies website. The webshop offers all the stringbabies books, stringbabies shapes & recorder books. More materials will be made available as time goes on. Use the webshop to buy any Stringbabies materials, including sets of symbols!

      Cover illustrations

      Our graphic designers have created some lovely new covers to go with the new edition:

      covers of second edition books

      CD of accompaniments to the songs

      Kay has now 'written' a CD of piano accompaniments to go with each Pupil Book. After a lot of close collaboration with Surrey Arts, one of the Stringbabies partners, we have recorded a really useful set of accompaniments. Each CD consists of the following items:

      • Four tuning tracks
      • All songs at slow practice speed [piano and instrument]
      • All songs at performance speed [piano only]
      • Twelve tuning tracks

      NB as of September 2016, there is now a piano accomplishment book available - this can be purchased separately using the Paypal buttons above!

      cover of piano accompaniments book

      Here are two of the practice tracks [these may take a little while to play in some browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer]:

      Foreword by Pat Legg

      Here is the foreword to the books:

      ‘Kay Tucker’s Violinbabies is an educationally well thought out and fun way of teaching little ones to play the violin, and this book is an excellent accompaniment that systematically, step by step gives the children the skills they need to read music and to become musicians.

      There are songs to sing, rhythms to clap and symbols to recognize, all of which are logically transferred into skills which are necessary for learning to read music.

      Kay has had such success with this method of teaching children that I can whole heartedly recommend teachers, parents and pupils alike to use this book and together enjoy the journey of discovery and see how the reading of music opens up so many musical delights.’

      Pat Legg is a leading educationalist, composer and much admired cello & violin teacher. Her work is published by Faber.

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