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Feb 25, 2010 Books update

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It has been a really hectic start to 2010. Having given presentations for Surrey Arts, Exeter Young Strings and most recently at an inter-authority day in Kilmarnock, Scotland, I have had plenty to keep me going!

Before I take to the road for a string of festivals, I thought now would be a good a time as any to post an update on books. The Cellobabies & Violinbabies books are being revised, in line with the new Violababies book and I hope to have these ready to go out by September. I have already started an older student’s version of the Cello book (for starters) as I have been asked several times and it seems that teachers are using the ‘Babies’ books with ages 3 to adult!!

The first few pages of ‘Pianobabies’ are coming off the computer now and going to 2 lovely teachers who want to try them out. So all in all - a busy time!