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A set of occasional notes about Stringbabies, music festival adjudication and other things that I’m interested in:

Oct 21, 2013 The sounds before the symbol

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One of the very first ‘sound bites’ I heard as a student in principles of teaching was that the sounds always come before the symbols.
This is in itself, an enormous area to talk about so I will just focus on a couple of issues around it which have reshaped the way I teach today.
Here is just the first one for starters, concerning rhythm.

Oct 18, 2013 A great new addition for the cello world

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As i have mentioned previously, I was sent some music and books to review over the summer.
The last of my reviews is of a super set of pieces for the grade 6 to 8 standard cellist entitled ‘One Chair in a Room’ by Mark Sinclair.
It was sent to me by my good friend Catherine Black, who runs the most amazing cello courses a few miles away in Lewes. Do visit her website: http://www.cellocourses.com and www.vaultedskymusic.com

Oct 11, 2013 Practice time!

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I was asked to look over a little booklet written by a Scottish Mum regarding the thorny topic of parents supporting their children in practicing their musical instruments.
We all know what a hot potato that can be and as a music teacher, I hear about the battles that can go on regarding the discipline of encouraging one’s child to practice without too much shedding of tears.

Oct 10, 2013 Musicbabies Update

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Things have been hotting up with work on Stringbabies for Double Bass and Musicbabies for recorder and Flute.

Oct 01, 2013 Something a little different…..

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Over the summer, I was sent three publications to review. I was a reviewer of music for nearly two decades before Stringbabies commitments led me to drop this particular aspect of work.
The review below is of an excellent new book written by my colleague, Melanie Spanswick. I’ll post the other two over the next week or so.