Coming up for breath! Thu, Oct 13, 2016

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It has been a delightfully busy start to the new term! Besides my own new cohort of Stringbabies students I have been hearing of new Stringbabies students popping up everywhere - in Surrey, Cornwall and the USA to just name a few locations.

After 4 years, the adaptation of Stringbabies for the recorder is finally coming into print and as I write, I anticipate the books being available in just a couple of days.
Our website is being updated to cope with these as well as the new products of a book of piano accompaniments and a set of magnetic shapes for use in the teaching room. Quite a lot of work has had to go into this but we hope to be online very soon!
In other news, the Stringbabies research project is getting under way, and I have been busy working on the Stringbabies award with Victoria College exams. Exciting new partnerships and projects are in the pipeline but I will write about those as they come to fruition.
Now the recorder book is complete, I am free to turn my attention back to ‘Stringbabies Zoo’, a book of additional repertoire pieces. My little students have been helping me in the process this week and it has been tremendous fun creating songs which might just make it into the book (if they pass the vetting process of my Stringbabies colleagues!).

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