Practice time! Fri, Oct 11, 2013

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I was asked to look over a little booklet written by a Scottish Mum regarding the thorny topic of parents supporting their children in practicing their musical instruments.
We all know what a hot potato that can be and as a music teacher, I hear about the battles that can go on regarding the discipline of encouraging one’s child to practice without too much shedding of tears.

I smiled and laughed as I read this little booklet. It was written from the heart, with much insight and wisdom and the little illustrations are hilarious.
The book is called ‘Your Child Learning an Instrument - what worked for us’ and is by Grace Lyon and Scott Morriss.

Here is the review I wrote of it;

When a child starts learning a musical instrument, they begin a wonderful journey which hopefully will continue into adulthood.
The success of that journey depends on a three way partnership between student, parents and teacher and this little book gives amazingly sensible advice to parents wondering how best to support their child.
Written from one mother’s point of view, issues such as how to best support practice time and ways in which to verbally encourage ( or not!) are mixed with sensible advice on how to resolve some of the tricky issues that can occur along the way.
Each point is made succinctly and in a warm manner and the accompanying illustrations are hilarious.
A book which should be read by every parent with a child embarking on instrumental lessons.

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