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Over the summer, I was sent three publications to review. I was a reviewer of music for nearly two decades before Stringbabies commitments led me to drop this particular aspect of work.
The review below is of an excellent new book written by my colleague, Melanie Spanswick. I’ll post the other two over the next week or so.

‘So You Want to Play the Piano’ by Melanie Spanswick

This book has quite a unique place in contemporary music books in that it specifically aims
to guide and advise would be pianists of all ages.
Written by a very experienced pianist, teacher and adjudicator, ‘So You Want to Play the
Piano’ offers pearls of wisdom on choosing a piano and especially on finding the right
Mainstream piano tutor books are reviewed as well as thoughts offered on different
approaches to teaching and general musicianship.
This is surely one of the most comprehensive books written on the very broad topic of
learning the piano on the market and it is fair to say that a lot of the wisdom contained
within can be applied to other instruments! I would highly recommend this book as a first
pot of call to anybody considering taking up the piano, whether for themselves or their

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