Time to draw breath…. Tue, Nov 17, 2009

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It has been a really busy time since the last post. Workshops in Cumbria & Scotland – festivals – concerts & the teaching (most important!) Not to forget, the completion of ‘Violababies’, which was released last month.

It’s amazing how much I learn from my little students and since first writing ‘Cellobabies’, I have discovered there is just so much more that they are capable of. So the additional pages in ‘Violababies’ reflects this and over the coming year I will be revising ‘Violinbabies’ and ‘Cellobabies’ to bring them into line. I now have a new generic title for the books and approach – ‘Stringbabies’. Still, managed some time away with the family in October; North Wales (give me mountains & lakes anytime!)

Will be in Exeter in January to do a teacher training day for the Young Strings teachers and any guests plus an inset day for a local LEA – keep me on my toes!!!

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