Viola players ahoy! Fri, Jun 13, 2008

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Just a few weeks after my visit to Exeter, I received a call from Kirsty Hugill telling me of plans to start a viola student off with Violinists and cellists in September and asking me if the Viola version of Violinbabies is under way.

Well I guess it has to be now! It shouldn’t take too long (I hope!) and I have had an interesting conversation with Beares & Son (Suppliers of weeny violas as well as other wonderful instruments, bows and accessories) about their range of small violas.
I thought a viola version might be 2 years away or so - but demands have to be met - so my next project is made clear for me.
I have been adapting some of my work with the little people for adult learners who are non music readers and have a strong yearning to right a book for that age range. Currently the vast body of teaching material is aimed at a much younger age range, which is a pity considering the rapidly growing market in adult beginners.

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