Become an accredited Stringbabies teacher

This page is for string teachers who would like to use the Stringbabies [Cellobabies, Violababies & Violinbabies] methods professionally and be recognised as such.

First of all, I’m very happy for anyone to use any of the Stringbabies programs in their teaching.

Having said that, I must point out that ‘Stringbabies’, ‘Violinbabies’, ‘Violababies’ and ‘Cellobabies’are all registered trademarks owned by me [Kay Tucker], so the names cannot be used without prior written consent.

Of course, accredited teachers are positively encouraged to use these trademarks, and with my permission, to legally set up and advertise as a Cellobabies, Violababies or Violinbabies teacher. If this is of interest you can apply for teacher membership [accreditation].

Becoming accredited offers many benefits, but does have significant requirements in terms of experience and aptitude, so please do read the rest of the page carefully.

Teacher Membership Benefits

For a modest annual fee, a member will be entitled:

  • to use the Cellobabies, Violababies & Violinbabies trademarks to advertise their services as a teacher only [not a trainer of teachers]
  • to receive discounts on books
  • to receive discounts on future courses
  • to access our private online teacher’s forums - great for getting support or making suggestions

Members will also have their own listing and webpage in my online directory of accredited Stringbabies teachers .  The webpage includes:

  • a photograph
  • location notes [town, county & nearby towns that you serve]
  • space for notes on you as a teacher - history, thoughts about teaching music etc
  • [optional] email contact form, so that enquirers can contact you directly
  • tell-a-friend form, for site visitors to email others about you
  • [optional] link to your own website, MySpace or Facebook page [valuable for google rankings]
  • [optional] show a relevant YouTube video clip [either of you performing or speaking about teaching]
  • [optional] display reviews from parents and pupils

These pages prominently feature your geographic locale.  We find that our teacher pages rate usually rate highly in Google if you search for ‘cello teacher xxx’ or ‘violin teacher yyy’, where xxx & yyy are the town name or district for a Stringbabies teacher.

All options are free - they are available if you want them. My own page shows the sort of entry that you can expect - though I have not taken up the video clip option yet! 

qualities of a good cello/viola/violinbabies teacher

The Cellobabies, Violababies & Violinbabies methods are just right for younger children, whether preschoolers or first school age, and are based around their way of thinking and behaving.

So I’m looking for people who have lots of patience and a real passion for teaching music in general, and the cello and violin to young children in particular.

One of the keys to progress with my methods is enjoyment, both for child and teacher - so you will need to be imaginative in teaching with an easy relationship with the very young.

Initially, I will need to see your CV, but more importantly I will want to talk to you at length, preferably in person.  Of course if geography prevents this, then do contact me via email and we can then have a good phone conversation or two.

formal requirements

There are three formal requirements before membership can be granted.
1) Evidence of appropriate formal teaching qualifications, such as a PGCE [in the UK]
2) Licensed to work with children
3) Have attended a full Stringbabies training workshop

If you met all these, then you are ready to go!

Student membership

I’m currently thinking about the details/implications of this.  Obviously students won’t met the formal requirements for accreditation, but I really want to encourage students to pick up Stringbabies if they are thinking of teaching younger children. Please do contact me if you have questions.

By the way, I am always happy to come and talk about my methods at music colleges & universities - timetable permitting.

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