Stringbabies Training

All good teachers need and want to learn more about their subject, and that is true of Stringbabies too. 

Obviously you can and should read the teaching manuals.  But nothing can replace that process of working with a true expert - after all, that is something as a music teacher that you rely on for your bread and butter!

So, contact Kay and book your place.  Come and enjoy a relaxed day, learning about Stringbabies [Cellobabies, Violababies & Violinbabies], meet with other teachers and enjoy good food.

PS we offer student discounts too!

Forthcoming Events

Here is a diary of Stringbabies training days and workshops. Each entry has its own page with full details: location, costs etc.

All our past events [archive]



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Stringbabies and The SoundPost Ltd

Stringbabies is pleased to work in association with the Sound Post Ltd: Home of the Primavera Family of bowed String Instruments’