Ann Beresford: Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex

Qualifications MA

Teaches Cello

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Locale Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, Crawley, Dorking

I have over 30 years experience of teaching piano, cello, guitar and general musical enjoyment to all ages from toddlers to 90 year olds! I am also a registered Music Therapist with experience in working with children and adults with special needs. I am a singer/songwriter and have published songs used in schools.

Ann Beresford,  Broadbridge Heath West Sussex

Cello babies and Ann

I have only just discovered Stringbabies since moving to this area and meeting Kay and discovering that we share the same love for young children and a real passion for enriching their musical experience and skills as early as possible. Having tried many approaches to beginning to read music I think Stringbabies is ideal for young children as well as being flexible and fun to teach.

My thoughts on teaching music

For me, teaching music is meant to be fun and all about friendship. I prefer to go at the individual child’s pace and encourage self expression and creativity as much as technical ability and reading music. I am also happy to progress through the Associated Board grades.

Musical experience

Cert. Ed. MA Music Therapy.

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