Emily Young: Guildford, Surrey

Qualifications BA (Hons) Music 2.1, PGdip MusicTherapy

Teaches Cello

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Locale Guildford, Woking, Cranleigh, Aldershot

Emily is an established private cello tutor who started using Cellobabies over 7 years ago.  She is based in Guildford.

Cellobabies and Emily

Cellobabies offers a great way of introducing very young children to string playing in an accessible and fun way.  I feel it gives children an amazing grounding in string playing and also general musical skills.  I initially trained with Kay in Cellobabies back in 2008, and after a couple of years break with my young family am delighted to be returning to teaching Cellobabies.

My thoughts on teaching music

I aim to make lessons enjoyable, full of energy and positivity.

Musical experience

My primary school choir teacher advised my parents that I was ‘very musical’ and should learn an instrument – I was interested in the Cello having seen it in our local church music group.  Despite it not being at all socially acceptable in the school I went to, fortunately my natural interest won (over not being ‘cool’!) and I continued to learn, attending an Essex County Music school and playing with the Essex youth orchestra. 

I completed a Music BA (hons) at Bath Spa University in 2001, and Music Therapy PGdip at Roehampton in 2006, and since then have enjoyed a varied career of Music Therapy and instrumental teaching with children and adults from 3 to 83!

My musical background has been quite varied, playing with various string ensembles from Early Music Viol Consorts to Post modern Rock groups, to the more usual String Quartets. 

My other passion is Yoga, which I also recently began teaching. I enjoy incorporating original and live music into my yoga classes and workshops.

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