Joanna Biltcliffe: Chessington, London

Qualifications BSc Music Technology, ESTA

Teaches Cello

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Locale Chessington, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surbiton, New Malden, Epsom, Esher, Leatherhead

Joanna has been teaching the cello since 2008.  She has taught beginners to grade 8, ages 3 to adults.  She also teaches Recorder and Double Bass and Theory to grade 5.

Joanna Biltcliffe,  Chessington London

Cellobabies and Joanna

I first came across Cellobabies in 2008 and thought it was an excellent way to introduce young children to playing the cello, I have since come to find that it can be helpful for all ages.  It involves lots of different fun activities that can be adapted to whatever the pupil needs.  As it involves both singing songs and composing right from the beginning in a way pupils find easy to engage with as well as fun games for practicing technique it helps to create a good basis from which to start your learning.

My thoughts on teaching music

I believe music should be a fun activity that anyone can participate in.  It is an adventure we enjoy together working out how best to move forward and solve problems.  I try to tailor the journey to each student as they move forward to help them to learn the music that they want to play.

Musical experience

Joanna started playing the recorder at the age of 3.  She thoroughly enjoyed it and came home asking if she could also learn the cello at age 7.  Her family (not being musical) didn’t know what they were getting themselves into when they agreed.  Her dad willingly agreed to sit with her to help her practice and started a family tradition that lasted over 10 years.

She went on to study with Chris Hoyle and did a degree in Music Technology studying at Leeds College of Music.

Whilst at high school she also gained an interest in Jazz and picked up the Bass Guitar in the hopes of getting involved.  That later moved onto the Double Bass.

Joanna currently plays with the Wimbledon Symphony Orchestra and regularly performs in the band for musical at the Lantern Arts Theatre.  She also plays both Cello and Bass regularly at church.

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