Clips showing the Stringbabies method

This page contains a number of video’s about Stringbabies - some brand new and some older - but all fascinating!

Youtube clips

This is the first of Kay’s Youtube video clips about stringbabies:

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There will be more youtube clips to follow!

Other clips

The rest of the page contains a number of other simple but exciting video clips showing Kay working with some of her very young pupils. 

N.B. these other clips can take a few seconds to get going after you click the ‘play’ icon on the clip - please be patient!

Clip 1 - Kay, a young pupil and four open strings

Our three & a half year old pupil was a pre-reader when this clip was taken - during his second Stringbabies lesson!

The four friends, ‘Alice’, ‘Charlie’, ‘Dan’ and ‘George’, help the young lad to remember his strings. Their symbol shapes reinforce the lesson.

Clip 2 - Kay, a young composer and the 5 line stave

This 4 year old pre-schooler is at a key stage in the Stringbabies programme. In this clip, she has just composed a short musical figure on a 5 line stave and here we see her reading and playing it back. At this stage she is also beginning to work with conventional notation, which is an easy step away

Permission note

Full permission has been granted by the parents of these most excellent children, for the clips to be shown on the Stringbabies website.

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